よくある質問 / Commonly Asked Questions

When is the time to meet up and the time to dismiss?
The meeting time is 7:00am on the first day, and the dismissal time is 6:00pm on the second day (or the third day).
I have another appointment on the weekend. May I join the camp just for one day? Or can I join the camp from Saturday afternoon?
Please refrain from joining the camp partially or only one day due to the convenience of the program. We would like you to choose the camp which you can commit yourself in for the two whole days (three days for the special camps).
I do not have a bank account in Japan. Can I still receive the transportation fee aid?
We are afraid we can transfer the money to Japanese bank account only. If you do not have the account in Japan, please ask your friend or colleague with a bank account in Japan who is happy to help you receive the money. The transaction will be completed 1~2 months after the camp.
I am not a native English speaker. Can I still join the camp?
Yes. For Japanese, you can still join the camp as a sub leader or a nurse even if you do not speak English. For foreigners, if you can speak English in a conversational level, you are very welcome to the camp no matter where you are from.
I want to join the camp, but I do not live in Japan. Will you raise a fund for me so that I can travel between my country and Japan?
We are afraid we cannot financially help your travel between your country and Japan. We need the volunteers to come to the meeting place by their own cost. From the meeting place, all the cost including the transportation fee, food and accommodation is free of charge.
I do not have any experience to deal with the little children. Can I still join the camp?
Yes, you can if you love children and are passionate about spending time with children. Please remember that some children can be rude to you in their words or actions UNINTENTIONALLY. Please do not take such behaviors seriously. They just do not know what they are doing. If you cannot understand what the children say, smile anyway and make sure their safely. Japanese staff and volunteers are happy to help you.
The weather forecast says it will be rainy during the weekend of the camp. Do you have the camp even in the rain?
Yes, we will have a camp even if it rains. We have indoor activities prepared for the rainy day. It would be useful if you could bring your folding umbrella. If we need to cancel the camp itself because of the typhoon or snow, we will inform you of the cancellation two days before the camp.
What kind of room are we going to sleep in?
Most of the volunteering staff will sleep with the children in a single-gender room with bunk beds. The number of the children in the bedroom varies from 3 to 16 depending on the size of the room.