International English Camp 2014spring Volunteers Needed!

About the Camp

Hello! This is Recovery Assistance Center of Miyagi, which keeps committing on the relief works with Miyagi prefecture and Sendai city. One of our projects, “International English Camp” is designed to care the mental health for the children.

A lot of children got a scar in their hearts through the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011. Some children lost their family members or their friends, some lost their house to live, and some just could not forget what they experienced on the horrific day…The project has started in inviting the children who still lived in the temporary housings to Zao, a tourist spot in Miyagi in summer 2012. In spring 2013, we have started to hold the camps in Chichibu, Saitama for the children evacuated from the three prefectures affected by the disaster.

This camp is designed for the cheerful, positive, and communicative foreign students, foreigners and the children to spend time together so that the children will get back their smiles and cheerfulness, increasing their cooperativeness, activeness, independence, and the sense of internationalism.

We have been committed to invite all the children who have been affected by the disaster at least once, and it would be highly appreciated if you could help our project.

The Volunteering Details

Contents of the Camp

Summary of the Two-day Camp

  • Outdoor games in English
  • English indoor activity and workshop
  • English conversation lesson
  • BBQ
  • Campfire
  • Sky star watching time or scary night game
Camp Location and
(1)Kanto Area: Two locations
(2)Tohoku Area
Meeting Place and Transportation
【Meeting Place】
  • Camp in Kanto area: Omiya station, Ueno station or Chiba station (depending on the camp date)
  • Camp in Tohoku area: Sendai station
  • The volunteers will leave for the camping site from the meeting place by chartered buses with the children.
Content of the Volunteering

We are going to spend one night and two days at a site in the mountainous area of Saitama, Chiba and Miyagi for the international English camp with 100 elementary school children aged 6-12, 25 foreign volunteers, and 10 English-speaking Japanese volunteers.

The roles of the foreign volunteers are to spend time with your group of 12-13 children, making the camp fun and educational to the children.
*Foreign volunteers could be a group leader if they are fluent in Japanese.

Japanese volunteers will play one of three roles below during the camp.

1) Group Leader
Group leaders will take an initiative in the group, taking care of the children with the foreign volunteers. They will ensure the safety of the children as well as creating enjoyable and positive atmosphere in the group so that the camp goes smoothly.
2) Sub Leader
Sub leaders will assist leaders in the camp such as general manager, group leaders, nurses, and a backstage manager, ensuring the flow of the camp and preparing meals & activities.
*English skill is not required for sub leaders.
3) Nurse
Nurses will deals with medical/health issues of the children and adults during the camp. They should have Japanese nurse license and at least one year of experience.
*English skill is not required for nurses.
  • The cost of the food, transportation and the accommodation for the camp is free of charge.
  • Those who would like to receive the transportation fee aid, we are going to pay 4,000 yen. Please be noted that we can transfer the money to only Japanese bank account. (As for the special 3-day camp, 8,000yen is going to be paid.)
Camp Schedule
【Kanto Area】
Volunteers who live in Kanto area are preferable.
  1. 22 Mar (Sat)〜23 Mar (Sun) meeting at Omiya st.
  2. 29 Mar (Sat)〜30 Mar (Sun) meeting at Omiya st.
  3. 19 Apr (Sat)〜20 Apr (Sun) meeting at Ueno st.
  4. (A)26 Apr (Sat)〜27 Apr (Sun) meeting at Omiya st.
  5. (B) 26 Apr (Sat)〜27 Apr (Sun) meeting at Chiba st.
  6. 10 May (Sat)〜11 May (Sun) meeting at Ueno st.
  7. 17 May (Sat)〜18 May(Sun) meeting at Omiya st.
  8. 24 May (Sat)〜25 May (Sun) meeting at Ueno st.
  9. (A)31 May (Sat)〜01 Jun (Sun) meeting at Omiya st.
  10. (B)31 May (Sat)〜01 Jun (Sun) meeting at Chiba st.
  11. 07 Jun (Sat)〜08 Jun (Sun) meeting at Ueno st.
  12. 14 Jun (Sat)〜15 Jun (Sun) meeting at Chiba st.
  13. [Additional Camp] 28 Jun (Sat)~29 Jun (sun) meeting at chiba st.
  14. 12 Jul (Sat)〜13 Jul (Sun) meeting at Chiba st.
  15. 16 Aug (Sat)〜17 Aug (Sun) meeting at Chiba st.
Special 3-day Camp
03 May (Sat)〜05 May (Mon) meeting at Omiya st.
【Tohoku Area】
Volunteers who live in Tohoku area are preferable.
  1. 29 Mar (Sat)〜30 Mar (Sun) meeting at Sendai st.
  2. 19 Apr (Sat)〜20 Apr (Sun) meeting at Sendai st.
  3. 17 May (Sat)〜18 May (Sun) meeting at Sendai st.
  4. 31 May (Sat)〜01 Jun (Sun) meeting at Sendai st.
  5. 07 Jun (Sat)〜08 Jun (Sun) meeting at Sendai st.
Requirement for Volunteering
  • Passion for children!
  • Ability to speak conversational English!
    (※English skill is not required for sub leaders and nurses.)
  • Availability to participate in the two-day camp as a volunteer! (*Availability to participate in the three-day as for the special program 2nights 3days camp.)
    *The meeting time is 7:00am on the first day, and the dismissal time is 6:00pm on the second(third) day.
  • 18 years old or over.
    *We cannot accept high school sutudents.

How to Apply

If you can join the camp as a volunteer, please sign up from the website below.
We will contact you with the given information shortly. Thank you so much for your interest!

The volunteer recruitment will be finished
as soon as the number reached the capacity.

  • Registration

Recovery Assistance Center of Miyagi

GM Building 2nd Floor, 1-12-12 Honcho, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi
980-0014 JAPAN

TEL:022-398-9148(9:00~18:00 on Weekdays)
Contact: Shoji or Kishi


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